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This is Emily Laura welcoming you to my website that is built to help the violinist community all over the world. Sometimes during our violin practice, we stuck with some kind of problem that doesn’t have proper step-by-step guidelines on google. As a result, Violin Solution was born out of this need. I wanted to find a way to assist more individuals to discover their enthusiasm for the violin. Lessons, suggestions, and tactics for learning how to tune and learn violin instruments may be found on my website. You’ll also find a wealth of information and amusing articles on the violin. You can read our instructions and guidelines that can help you to solve those problems. Most of these problems are common and some of them are discovered by me during practice.

All of the articles published on my website are solely written by me.

So who am I?

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”You are a storyteller when you perform a violin piece, and you are telling a tale”. You are correct, my favorite statement comes from a Joshua Bell quote.

In the same sense as this statement, I have a good story to tell you about how I became a dedicated violin instructor after learning the instrument on my own. My father, who was a violinist, as often I am really close. I used to enjoy hearing him play as I awoke. As a result, I began my violin handcuff flame by grasping my father’s hand. He has taught me a great deal of technique. However, when dad departed when I was 15, I was devastated. I broke down and gave up playing the violin. After that, I was admitted to the BA in music when I was 18 years old and completed an MA in Music Education from Five Town College, New York because I wanted to become like my father.

So, after my marriage, I recognized that my desire to teach needed to be nourished. My passion for the violin (and for life) would most likely wither and perish if I ignored it.

So I made a choice.

I decided to be bold and return to teaching with heart and soul.

What’s more, guess what?

It had a huge impact.

That’s how my journey started.

I began teaching children and was able to reclaim my memories. Working with highly driven kids and working with them one-on-one allows me to experience their incredible growth firsthand, which I find more satisfying.

Additionally, I’ve worked on a wide range of violin projects for more than one decade. I currently operate a full-time private Violin Solution in Dix Hills, New York.

Anyone of any age may learn to play the violin, as per my core principle. That is why I created the Violin Solution to assist poor children in learning the violin and partnering with me to provide students with support and broaden their musical horizons.

What You will get from Violin Solution

  • High-quality content with numerous practical suggestions
  • We put a lot of effort into research and shared the best playing techniques with our audience.
  • We will recommend a high-quality violin product after testing it, so that our audience is never duped by phony products.
  • Sometime we will earn tiny amount of money if you buy from our affiliate link but I won’t promote any product that I wouldn’t personally use .

What You didn’t get from Violin Solution

  • Encourage false “overnight stardom” mindsets.
  • Make you buy expensive or useless things by telling you to do something that doesn’t work.
  • Offer encouragement to companies who pay us.

If you’ve come to my website, you’re obviously interested in the violin or you need help. I hope that my website is of some assistance to you, but if you have a query that is not addressed here, please contact me at [email protected]

I eagerly await your response!

Emily Laura