7 Best Violins For Beginner Players in 2023

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Beginner violin is the process of learning to play the violin. Including steps such as choosing an instrument and style, learning about bow position and bowing techniques, understanding the tuning process, and much more is important for a beginner. 

There are a variety of violins besides you to choose from. So it can be hard to know which one is best for you. To help you make the best decision, I’ve compiled a list of the best violins for beginner players. 

The violins are affordable, easy to learn, and have a range of features that suit different beginner violinists. You’ll also know much more about common mistakes and helpful tips. Let’s start scrolling to know more!

Table Of Contents
  1. Best Violin For Beginners
  2. Difference Between Beginner-Friendly Violins Vs. Intermediate Violins
  3. What Violin Brands Need To Avoid For Beginners?
  4. How Much Money Should You Spend for a Beginner?
  5. Where To Buy It? Online Or Physical Store Or Rent?
  6. 10 Features And Specialties To Look For before buying your first violin
  7. Essential Accessories For a Beginner Violinist
  8. Which Violin Is Suitable For Beginners: Acoustic Vs. Electric?
  9. How To Care For The Violin For Long-Term Usage?
  10. Some Common Mistakes Made When Buying A Beginner Violin
  11. How To Choose The Best Violin For A Beginner Player?
  12. FAQs
  13. Final Thought

Best Violin For Beginners

The violin is among the most popular, versatile, and accessible instruments on the market. But with all the models available to beginners, it can be hard to know which is best for you. I’ve listed the best few violins for you to save time. So, let’s have a look!

Editor’s Choice

I like the Kennedy Bunnel Violin most because it provides quality sound, a complete outfit, and a lifetime guarantee. It is different from other competitors and provides a unique quality.

Kennedy Bunnel Premier 4/4 Violin

Bunnel Premier Violin Outfit 4/4 Full Size - Carrying Case and Accessories Included - Solid Maple Wood and Ebony Fittings By Kennedy Violins
  • [HIGH-QUALITY] Our customer service team is on hand to answer ANY question and to help with your stringed instrument! Kennedy Violins is proud to offer this highly rated Premier violin in an outfit with bonus accessories.
  • [THE COMPLETE OUTFIT] We have included the quality accessories that professional players recommend. This includes your violin, a Giuliani Brazilwood bow, high quality rosin, “Intro to Violin” book, Portland Oblong case, genuine D’Addario Prelude strings installed, an extra set of Portland strings or similar, a Portland carbon fiber shoulder rest, and a microfiber cleaning cloth.
  • [ASSEMBLED AND QUALITY-CHECKED IN THE USA] Our final assembly and set-up are in the USA, NOT in China. Quality set-up equals long-term quality. Improper set-up can lead to poor quality sound and damage to the instrument. We send you an instrument ready to tune and start playing right away.
  • [HANDCRAFTED] This Bunnel violin outfit is handcrafted with upgraded quality solid maple and spruce tonewoods, 100% genuine ebony fittings, then completed with a satin oil finish. It has a smooth mellow character and warm tone.
  • [LIFETIME GUARANTEE] All of our violins are fully backed by a lifetime warranty and a 45-day money-back guarantee, so you can purchase with confidence. We take our customer satisfaction seriously. Please reach out if you have ANY questions or concerns, we go to great lengths to make our customers happy!

If you are looking for a stylish and elegant violin, the Bunnel Premier Violin will give your musicianship an edge. This outfit by Kennedy Violins has a smooth ebony finish that soars over the solid maple wood, which gives it its distinctive look and feel.


This violin is built from solid maple wood, which is lightly varnished to give me a fabulous ebony-like look and feel. The entire outfit is strung with Thomastik Ebony strings, the finest strings for beginners. The Kennedy Bunnel violin has been fitted with an ebony mosaic fingerboard and chin rest of the same material.

Body and neck

The violin is fitted with a well-carved top and back made from solid maple wood. The scroll is genuine ebony, giving the violin a wonderful, stylish look. The fingerboard and chin rest are made of ebony as well. The Bunnel Premier Violin Outfit is a one-of-a-kind investment that lasts through the generations. Its maple wood and ebony fittings give off a rich, sophisticated feel that lasts.

Bow and accessories

As a bow is a part of this set, it includes a high-quality full-size traditional bow for beginners and professional musicians alike. It comes fitted with a six-foot ebony stick, a gold-plated-steel ferruled frog, and a removable chin rest. All these items have been carefully designed to complement each other perfectly so that they are all compatible.

Sound Quality

This particular set is made out of the finest material. Therefore it produces a superior sound. The ebony black finish on the top and back of the violin gives it a deep, warm sound that is perfect for any style of music. The violin is also fitted with a full-sized automatic tuning machine for easy tuning and adjustments. The bow, case, and shoulder rest are made of durable ABS plastic that is impact resistant, easy to clean, and lightweight.

This violin meets the highest quality standards. The bow strings seem too short and do not last very long if used regularly.
It is easy to tune and adjust and produces a rich, warm sound.
The solid black finish gives it a touch of class that makes it stand out from other instruments.
It looks very fashionable as well as elegant.
This set has been designed to be very durable as well.
The violin is also very light to hold, making it more comfortable.
Why do I recommend it?

I highly recommend this violin because it is a great beginner’s set with everything you need right out of the box. Its high-quality materials and design make it one of the best options for beginners on the market today.

Best Overall Violin For Beginner

When I think about a violin that is best for the beginner, the name that comes to mind is Cecilio CVN-300. I suggest this violin because of its performance and budget-friendly price.

Cecilio CVN-300 Solidwood Violin

CVN-300 Solidwood Ebony Fitted Violin with D'Addario Prelude Strings, Size 3/4
  • Great Violin For Beginners: The beginner violin is an ideal stringed musical instrument for any student who has dreams of playing music. The set includes all the necessities to start learning how to play.
  • Elegant Design: As beautiful as most stringed musical instruments, these violins for beginners have a solid spruce top and antique finish with inlaid purfling. Along with an ebony fingerboard, pegged chin rest, and tailpiece, it is a work of art
  • Violin Learning Kit Includes: Cecilio violin dressed in D'Addario Prelude strings, 2 bows, an extra bridge, a quality rosin, adjustable shoulder rest with padding, a chromatic string tuner with metronome, and a lightweight hard case for transport as well as early lessons book.
  • Refer to Size Chart: Please refer to our sizing charts to pick the best match for your age and size.
  • Handle With Care: The adult or kids violin, like most band & orchestra musical instruments, is delicate. Please note the bridge will not be setup to avoid damage during shipping. NOTE: Tuning pegs must be handled with care and pushed in when adjusting.

If you’re a violinist searching for the perfect instrument to make your musical dreams come true, then you’re in luck! The CVN-300 Solidwood Violin is guaranteed to take your practice sessions and performances to the next level.


Looking at the CVN-300, you can immediately see that it has a beautiful finish. This finish is an eye-catching fabric varnish that’s clear and glossy. The richness of its appearance is due to our effort in selecting high-quality materials for its construction. The body and fittings on this violin are made out of solid wood. Because we did not have to use any sprays, the wood remains completely natural and has a rich color. The wood used for its construction is strong and durable.

Body and neck

The violin’s body and neck are carved out of solid spruce. They’re then joined together, typically using glue. Although the CVN-300 uses glue, it also boasts a top-notch dovetail joint for increased strength. These two parts are then joined together through a heel plate carved out of ebony wood and fitted over the column of wood running from the endpin to the neck block. This heel plate is further fortified by a strip of ebony located towards the back of the violin to ensure that your instrument has optimum durability and performance.

Sound Quality

This violin is made of solid wood, which is a crucial factor in determining sound quality. The instrument’s smooth texture enhances the beauty of the tunes it produces. Its classic shape ensures that you’ll always have an enjoyable time playing it. At Cecilio, we believe that the appearance of an instrument is just as important as its sound. That’s why the CVN-300 features a clear, glossy finish. It adds to the instrument’s overall looks without hindering sound production.

Bow and accessories

The bow with this violin is black and made of Brazilwood. Its frog is made out of ebony wood and adds an elegant appearance to your instrument. The bow’s hair has been crafted out of Mongolian horsehair, offering you superb performance. It’ll resist cracking, unlike lower-quality hairs that aren’t made from Mongolian horsehair.

The glossy finish on its body gives a stunning appearance.The chinrest may be difficult to adjust for beginners.
The hard maple neck is sturdy and durable.The tailpiece could use a little more weight.
It is easy to maintain and keep in tune.
Built with excellent materials.
It provides good sound quality.
Why do I recommend it?

This is a perfect choice if you’re a beginner looking for an affordable violin without sacrificing quality. If you’re an experienced player looking to upgrade your current violin, this is also a worthy investment. Cecilio offers a variety of different instruments that are tailored to meet the needs of any musician.

Best Runner Ups

I would like to introduce you to Cecilio Mendini as one of the best violins for beginners. I chose the violin because of its good sound quality. It produces deep rich tones with crisp overtones which are loud yet sweet and clear to your ears.

Cecilio Mendini 4/4 MV Violin

Mendini By Cecilio Violin For Kids & Adults - 4/4 MV Metallic Black Violins, Student or Beginners Kit w/Case, Bow, Extra Strings, Tuner, Lesson Book - Stringed Musical Instruments
  • Great Violin For Beginners: The beginner violin is an ideal stringed musical instrument for any student who has dreams of playing music. The set includes all the necessities to start learning how to play.
  • Elegant Design: As beautiful as most orchestral string instruments, this sleek violin has a hand-carved spruce top with maple back and sides. A finish of metallic varnish, maple fingerboard, chin rest and an alloy tailpiece with 4 fine tuner make this a work of art.
  • Violin Learning Kit Includes: Cecilio violin, 1 bow, extra set of violin strings, 2 violin bridges, a quality rosin, adjustable shoulder rest with padding and soft rubber feet, clip-on tuner, and lightweight hard case with pockets, backpack and shoulder straps.
  • Basic Technique: Set includes a Mendini Violin First Lesson book with instruction on basic techniques and lessons on how to read music. Also, a companion download (available online) has exercises and pieces recorded with solo violin and piano accompaniment.
  • Handle With Care: The adult or kids violin, like most band & orchestra musical instruments, is delicate. Please note the bridge will not be setup to avoid damage during shipping. NOTE: Tuning pegs must be handled with care and pushed in when adjusting.

The Mendini by Cecilio MV Violin 4/4 size has a beautiful design and sounds great. The instrument is made up of high-quality materials, which make it durable and thus very reliable at the same time. Along with this beautiful design, the violin makes a great sound.


The Mendini by Cecilio MV-100 Violin, 4/4 size, is an acoustic violin designed to produce a rich and powerful tone. It has a hand-carved solid spruce top and a solid maple back and sides. It allows this violin to produce excellent tone, clarity, and volume. Apart from that, the maple used in this violin’s construction is also extremely durable. The design of this instrument is one of the best, especially if you are willing to pay some extra bucks for a wonderful design.

Body And Neck

It has a solid carved top, hand-carved back, sides made of maple, and a 3-ply sturdy maple neck. This violin’s back and sides are made of solid maple, which is a great thing. Because it makes the violin durable and reliable. The instrument has an attractive finish, and the violin contains a beautiful color you will love. Its body is medium in size, and it has an exceptional design.

Sound Quality

The sound produced by these violins is full and rich in a wide range. The tones are deep and clear, with crisp overtones. It produces a loud sound, and it is also quite mellow, giving the violin an upper hand when compared to others. The violin is appropriate for beginners who are just learning to play the instrument. You will find plenty of improvement in your skills when you practice playing this violin regularly.

Bow And Accessories

The bow that comes along with the instrument is of good quality. It is made up of high-quality materials, which make it durable. It is very reliable at the same time, making sure that you enjoy its sound for a long period without any problems. 

The violin also has a handcrafted bow frog carved from hardwood, making it quite durable. You will get a nice and smooth bow action when playing this violin. When I have this violin, a nice case is also provided along with this violin to keep your violin in perfect condition whenever you are traveling with it.

The Violin is made up of high-quality materials.Not very durable.
It is quite lightweight, which makes it very easy to carry around.Not good for professional use.
The violin has a beautiful design and also sounds great.
It is very reliable and quite an affordable violin.
This item comes with deep rich tones with crisp overtones.
It is great for Beginners.
Why Do I Recommend It?

I like this violin because it has a beautiful design and sounds great. It produces a loud and quiet mellowness, giving the violin an upper hand compared to others. Both beginners and professional violinists can use the violin for their practice sessions.

Best Violin For Beginner players Under Budget

When you ask me what are the 2 violins for you under budget, I would like to talk about Mendini By Cecilio Violin and DEBEIJIN Adults Kids Violin so that they both provide violins for kids and adults. They also provide good sounds of good quality.

Mendini By Cecilio Violin For Beginners

Mendini By Cecilio Violin For Beginners, Kids & Adults - Beginner Kit For Student w/Hard Case, Rosin, Bow - Starter Violins, Wooden Stringed Musical Instruments
  • Music Instruments For Kids & Adults: This fiddle kit is a great beginner violin for any student, young or old. This set includes all the necessities to start learning how to play
  • Elegant Design: As beautiful as most band & orchestra musical instruments for kids, this ebony violin has a solid wood hand-carved spruce top; maple back, neck and sides with a beautiful finish; and an alloy tailpiece with 4 built-in fine tuners.
  • Starter Violin Kit Includes: Available in several sizes the kit also has 1 bow, extra violin strings, a quality rosin, adjustable shoulder rest with padding and rubber feet, and lightweight hard case with straps.
  • The Right Size: The violin for kids and adults comes in 8 sizes. To measure which size violin is best, measure from the neck to the middle of your left-hand palm (as if holding an invisible violin in straight outstretched arm). Consult table below.
  • Handle With Care: Like any fiddle instrument, this student violin is delicate. Please note the bridge will not be setup to avoid damage during shipping. NOTE: Tuning pegs must be handled with care and pushed in when adjusting.

The Mendini by Cecilio Violin is a beginner violin kit with everything you need to start playing immediately. The Mendini’s beginner features include carved spruce and maple laminate body with quality ebony fingerboard and pegs


The Mendini by Cecilio Violin is a beginner violin kit with everything you need to start playing immediately. The Mendini’s beginner features include carved spruce and maple laminate body with quality ebony fingerboard and pegs. The bow is made of Brazilwood, which guarantees a lively, warm tone and stable balance. This kit also includes a hard case to store your instrument when it’s not in use.

Body And Neck

This violin body comes with fine-grain carved spruce and maple laminate. Professional artists prefer the material because it offers a better sound than ordinary wood. The Mendini’s ebony fingerboard and pegs are finely finished to ensure a vibration-free playing experience. 

This type of wood has a warm tone and stable balance, ensuring your musical experience will be fun for everyone. The included Brazilwood bow is durable and easy on your fingers. The bow is fitted with four built-in fine tuners so that you can instantly tune your Mendini violin to proper pitch.

Sound Quality

The Mendini violin is made of solid wood, with maple being the material used for its back and sides, while spruce is used on the top of the instrument. It gives it a very sweet sound, especially if you use a horsehair bow. The tailpiece on the Mendini violin is made from brass alloy. It is attached to the Mendini violin with four built-in fine tuners. These fine tuners allow you to keep your violin tuned properly and ensure a vibration-free playing experience. 

Bow And Accessories

The Mendini’s bow is made from wood and has a warm tone and stable balance, ensuring your musical experience will be fun for everyone. The included Brazilwood bow is durable and easy on your fingers. The bow is fitted with four built-in fine tuners so that you can instantly tune your Mendini violin to proper pitch. The bow on this Mendini violin is made from quality.  

The Mendini comes with an elegant design.
They’re very much affordable.It can be a bit limited in their services as an instructor if you choose this style of the violin.
They are easy to learn and play.
They’re simple, so it’s easier to keep them in tune.
It is perfect for beginners.
Why Do I Recommend It?

If you’re looking for a violin, the Mendini Cecilio is a great choice. This violin has everything you need to learn to play right away and will provide a fun, useful experience for years to come.

Debeijin Adults Kids Violin

DEBEIJIN Adults Kids Violin - Premium Violin for Kids Beginners - Ready To Play 4/4 Violin - Handcrafted Student Beginner Violin
  • [FINE WORKMANSHIP] Workmanship is always what we are proud of as an instrument manufacturer. Accurate Jean code, standard F-Holes and string distance of this adults and kids violin 4/4, were all carefully handcrafted by experienced violin makers.
  • [GREAT VIOLIN FOR BEGINNERS] This violin was designed for both Kids and Adults violin beginners, not only the complete outfit but also the ready-to-play setup. It has included necessities to get your practice started. Therefore, you just need to be patient to wait for the coming of package.
  • [MORE THAN YOU NEED] You need not shop and pay additional within a long period of practicing. We offered you more accessories than your regular use. For some consumable components such as string and rosin, we even provided an extra or double.
  • [PICK YOUR SIZE] Multiple sizes of these violins for beginners are available for children, students and adults. To choose the right size for you, please measure your arm from your neck to the center of palm. Your arm length should be slightly longer than the size you will pick.
  • [HANDLE WITH CARE] This violin for beginners is so delicate that you need handle with care. Every part was inspected in workshop before shipping. The bridge has been pre-setup for your convenience. Tuning pegs must be pushed in after finishing adjusting.

Violin students of all ages widely use the DEBEIJIN. This violin has a professionally carved graduated neck that makes it easy to play and a bridge with a wide string spacing for greater accuracy.


The Debeijin adults violin kit is made of solid spruce top, maple sides and back, Ebony fingerboard, Solid Cedar chinrest, pegbox, and Chestnut bridge. This premium violin is handcrafted with the best quality materials. It has a simple natural wood finish that allows it to use for teaching or performing anytime and in any setting. The materials are top quality and environmentally sustainable. If you are looking for a good beginner violin, take the Violin Kit from DEBEIJIN.

Body And Neck

The Debeijin adult violin is handcrafted with the finest materials. The Debeijin provides that unique “woody” sound you can’t get from other instruments made with laminated wood or fiberglass. You will fall in love with the woody and mellow tone the Debeijin produces. It’s so easy to play in tune compared to other starter violins. I like this one because this premium violin has a chinrest that can adjust for different skill levels.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is another important factor in choosing an instrument for kids, as it takes time to adjust to different instruments and their tones. The tone of a violin is determined by its top, back, and sides. The DEBEIJIN uses a solid spruce top with tight grain, producing a bright and clear tone. The maple back and sides are also solid for a full-bodied sound that projects well when the violin is played in an intimate setting.

Bow And Accessories 

The DEBEIJIN includes a bow and rosin, which are necessary when learning how to play the violin. The bow is made of high-quality wood and has a consistent feel. The rosin is of top quality too. I’ve included a case to keep your instrument safe when you’re not using it. The case protects the violin from dust and damage.

The Violin is relatively affordable.
It is great for students who are learning to play the violin.This violin is not laminated wood, so it will not last as long as a laminated wood violin.
Debeijin Violins have a warm, mellow tone
The Debeijin Violins are easy to maintain and use.
This Violin has a thinner neck.
It has a sleek black finish, making them look like violins.
Why Do I Recommend It?

I recommend this violin because it’s durable and has a solid sound and clear tone. Once you get the hang of playing the DEBEIJIN violin, you’ll enjoy the rich, full sound it produces. This instrument will produce better sound and enhance performance in any performance situation.

Top Two alternative violin for beginner

If you ask me something about choice, SKY, and Cecilio so that you may think of an alternative for you.

SKY N201 4/4 Violin

SKY 4/4 Full Size SKYVN201 Solid Maple Wood Violin with High Quality Lightweight Case, Brazilwood Bow, String, Rosin and Mute
  • Beautiful 4/4 SKYVN201 student violin perfectly made for beginning Violin player.
  • Professionally set up and ready to play.
  • Package comes complete with 1 Brazil wood bow, 1 lightweight triangular violin case and 1 high quality rosin.
  • Beautiful oil varnished, solid spruce top and solid highly flamed maple back, sides, neck and scroll.
  • 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Violin players of all levels and ages will find the SKY 4/4 Full-Size Violin an exceptional instrument. If you are looking for the perfect instrument to get started on your musical journey or if you have a child interested in violin playing. 


The SKY 4/4 Full-Size Violin with High-Quality Lightweight Case. It is made with a solid maple wood neck, ebony fingerboard, high-quality strings, a lightweight case, and accessories. The SKY Violin instrument with an ebony fingerboard, a solid maple wood neck, steel strings, and a lightweight case.

Body And Neck

The wood used for the SKY 4/4 Full-Size Violin with High-Quality Lightweight Case has a solid maple wood neck and ebony fingerboard. The wood used is of good quality and has a nice finish. SKY violins offer you a choice of four different kinds of wood. Each with its distinct voice creates a distinctive tone color for your soloing and ensemble playing. The spruce top offers the most clarity.

Sound Quality 

This violin sounds great and gives a beautiful, authentic sound. It has a very clear tone with a nice bass. The strings are very responsive, and the bow response is great too. The hair bow comes pre-set with rosin, so you can start playing right away! The violinist will experience clear sound, good bass, and overall quality.

Bow And Accessories 

The bow included with the violin is a high-quality bow of an ebony wood composition. It has excellent response and responds well to slight changes in pressure, so it should be a pleasure for any player to use. It is also very responsive and has good durability. The case is made from plastic, which is lightweight and robust for any occasion.

This violin is a nice size for kids and beginners.
This violin is more than just an instrument but also serves as an heirloom for the family. It will produce a good sound but is on a tight budget.
It only takes about 20 minutes to assemble, and no other products are quite like it.
This violin would be great as a gift for boys, girls, kids, and adults alike!
The violin is made with sturdy construction that will hold up in various conditions.
Why Do I Recommend It?

This violin is a great quality violin at an affordable price and it sounds amazing. This violin is perfect for students of all ages and skill levels. I would also like to recommend it because of the care that they’ve taken in producing this instrument. It comes with a beautiful case, a built-in tuner, and rosin.

Cecilio CVN-200 Solid Wood Violin

Cecilio CVN-200 Solidwood Violin with D'Addario Prelude Strings, Size 1/4
  • Size 1/4 violin with solid spruce wood top, maple back, neck and sides with inlaid purfling in varnish
  • Maple fingerboard, boxwood pegs, chinrest, and tailpiece with 1 detachable nickel plated fine tuner
  • Strung with D'Addario Prelude Strings
  • Includes: Cecilio chromatic tuner, lesson book, lightweight hard case, 2 x Brazilwood bows with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair, quality rosin cake, adjustable shoulder rest, and an extra bridge
  • 1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturer's Defects

This is a solid wood violin made by a company named Cecilio. The violin comes packaged with Prelude strings paired with a bow by makers such as Chanel and Peccatte. 


The use of solid wood in the violin makes it lightweight, durable, and stable. It is also efficient in terms of its tone production. This violin is appropriate for students who are serious about their studies or are beginning to play in orchestras or other musical groups. The design and tone reflect some of the finer instruments on the market, allowing these students to learn with an instrument that delivers classic sound through their studies. 

Body And Neck 

The violin has a 17-inch body. This smaller size is ideal for children who are just beginning to learn the instrument and those with limited hand strength. The neck length is 2.5 inches, which is also advantageous to students with small hands and short fingers. The nut is made from bone, and the saddle is made from synthetic bone. Bone is a lightweight and strong material. So, these parts are well suited for the smaller size of the violin. They are durable and produce a rich tone when a skilled player plays.

Sound Quality 

The sound of this violin is very clear and well-rounded. That’s mostly because of its solid wood construction and durable fittings. It has a bright, expanded tone that many describe as rich with great projection. It does tend to be louder than some violins from the same price range, making it an instrument that works best in smaller rooms or for playing alone rather than in larger ensembles or performances.

Bow And Accessories

This bow by makers like Chanel and Peccatte are good choices for this model based on its price point yet high-performance features. The horsehair is dark in color, and the curve is darker than other brands, providing an economical choice while maintaining quality. This violin case has a shoulder strap designed specifically for this model violin. 

This affordable beginner violin delivers a more professional sound
The tone is even and clear, producing a sharp and vibrant tone.This violin is too big for small-framed children.
The tuners are also of high quality and are very easy to use.
All of its parts are durable and well made.
The violin is perfect for beginners.
Why Do I Recommend It?

I recommend the Cecilio Full-Size Student Violin because it is an affordable beginner violin that produces a professional-sounding tone. The violin is made entirely of wood, with no synthetic parts, ensuring the tone quality is as close as possible to instruments in the more expensive price range.

Difference Between Beginner-Friendly Violins Vs. Intermediate Violins

If you are a beginner looking for an easy violin to play and maneuver, beginner-friendly violins are the best options. These violins often have special features like a smaller size and a simple design.

These violins are ideal for getting the feel of playing the violin. These violins are also often used by students in school orchestra programs.

The second choice is the intermediate violin for those who already know how to play the violin and are looking for a good quality solid instrument.

The third choice is the beginner violin, which is suitable for students who have basic knowledge of playing the violin and are interested in learning other instruments.

TopicBeginner-friendly violinIntermediate  violin
WeightLightweightHeavier weight
Sound QualityGoodBetter
PriceCheap or LowMore costly than a beginner
EffortLess EffortDifficult to handle
MeasurementContain small measurementLarger dimensions 
DesignBeginner-friendlySimpler than beginner
MaterialTonewood, Boxwood, or cheap hardwoodSpruce, ebony, maple, or rosewood
FinishesSprayed or using a machineHandmade finish
BowNot well balancedWell balanced
Sound QualityLess in variationMore Variation

What Violin Brands Need To Avoid For Beginners?

Violins have been around for a few hundred years. They have evolved into different shapes, sizes, and styles. However, one thing that has not changed is the way they are treated while they are in use. There are some brands of violin which you should avoid if you are a beginner because they can be quite costly and difficult to learn.

As a beginner, if you choose the wrong violin, you could spend a lot of money on repairs. Another option is to sell it and buy something better. It means you will be spending tons of money on getting your hands on it in the first place and then even more once you finally decide to part ways with this violin. That’s why beginners should stay away from expensive violins.

On the other hand, some low-cost instruments are great for beginners, but they can be so cheap that they end up breaking a few months down the line. You should avoid cheap brands. If the fingerboard, tailpiece, and pegs are made from plastic, you should avoid those violins. You should avoid such a violin made with composite wood. The violins that look very glossy should avoid the brands. When a brand sells a cheap violin, they’re not thinking about the effect this may have on a new player.

How Much Money Should You Spend for a Beginner?

If you’re new to the violin and you’ve been thinking about buying your first instrument, it might not be immediately obvious what a reasonable cost is. So we wanted to give you an idea of the range of prices so that you can make an informed decision on what will work best for your financial situation and musical goals.

Reasonable Range: Up to $500

Are you looking for a very good violin? There are many options in this price range. In general, you’ll find that the affordable violins are also made of good quality materials such as maple wood and others. You’ll have a good quality beginner violin if your budget is around $300 to $500. 

You can get the violin for under $300, but remember that the cheap violins are not as stable in tuning. Also, they might come with poor-quality strings, which can be very frustrating at the beginning of your musical journey. So choose your violin and spend it carefully.

Mid-Range: $500-$2000

Beginner violins in the $500 to $2000 range are a good choice for most students of any age. Generally, we can expect high-quality materials for the construction of these instruments. 

Other details such as materials and fine-tuning are equally important for budget instruments. You can find a violin that meets your preferences and budget at this price range. $500 up violins are mid-range, and their quality is much better than the beginners

High-End: $3000-$10000

These violins are well-equipped for professional use and will include elements such as pegs and stoppers for extra stability on stage. Many also include a case as standard equipment, although this is not an absolute necessity. 

These professional violins are made from quality wood such as spruce, maple, rosewood, and more. Many models also come with ebony fittings, considered a luxury in terms of sound quality. So, make decisions wisely and spend money on them.

Where To Buy It? Online Or Physical Store Or Rent?

If you’re in the market for a violin, you have two options: buy it online or buy it from a store. Which should you choose? Here are some pros and cons of both platforms


Buying a violin can be an enjoyable experience. You search through rows of violins and try different instruments out, looking for that perfect sound. It can give you a new perspective that can help you make a better buying decision.

It can be easier to find one that suits your needs.Difficult to find a large variety of violins.
Can try out violins before making your selection.Higher likelihood of experiencing poor service.
Most violin shops cater to a more mature audience and might have better quality violins than online dealers.
You can talk to consultants and receive a more thorough explanation of what kind of violin suits your needs.
With an in-person interaction and thorough description, the sales clerk can pinpoint what kind of violin best suits your needs and interests.


If you are interested in buying a violin over the internet, there are many online shops from which to choose. Buying a violin online is easier than buying one in person simply because you can browse for different violins from the convenience of your home. 

Freedom to choose from various violins without having to go to a store.The newness of technology can sometimes be confusing.
If you were buying online, you could be in control of your purchase.The lack of a salesperson to assist in the process complicates the product you select.
Payment methods are easier and more accessible.
The process is more straightforward to follow.


If you are just starting out, learn on a rental violin. It is the best way to get into it without investing a bunch of money. They specialize in making sure you have a violin that fits your hand and meets your needs.

If you are an experienced player who has been playing for a while and looking for something better than your current instrument, rent different violins to see which fits best before you buy one.

You can try different violins to see which fits best.You don’t get to keep it if you like it!
It is cheaper, especially if you use the online coupon code.If you break it, you will be responsible for replacing it.
It is easier to try different brands without having to buy them.
You can repair the violin easily.

10 Features And Specialties To Look For before buying your first violin

10 Features And Specialties To Look For before buying your first violin
10 must have Features And Specialties To Look For before buying your first violin

Here are the features that you should look at before buying any violin. All of these factors you must remember.


Wood or metal? Rosewood is quite durable as it is dense with an oily layer that repels water, dirt, and insects. If money isn’t in your budget, then you should go with this one. It’s also environmentally friendly when used in instruments because it doesn’t require extensive treatment processes like rosewood.


Price range is what most people consider when buying anything, especially if it’s their first time. You shouldn’t feel pressured to spend thousands of dollars on your first violin because you’ll only become frustrated when you drop it or don’t play for a month. If you find an instrument that’s within your budget, then by all means, buy it.


It’s impossible to play the violin without a bow and rosin, but you can get those items at low prices if you buy them separately or in a bundle. You can even try an inexpensive beginner set if you haven’t been playing for long yet.


If you’re buying a violin, you’ll need to measure from the top of the chin to the floor. This measurement will determine the violin size that will fit them best. The average size for an older child or adult is about 33-36 inches in height.


Young children shouldn’t start playing the violin because they don’t have the coordination or attention span required. Beginning violinists should start around 8 or 9 years old and continue until they are between 13 and 15 years old, depending on their progress and skill level.


Violins are lightweight, but if you have arthritis or other joint-related problems, then it may be a good idea to give your elbows and wrists a break from the hard work. You should take as little weight as you can.


The neck should be light in weight and be of a good length. The neck must be strong enough to support the strings and meet up with the bridge, which should not strain your hand when playing.

Sound and Tone

The sound of an instrument is very important, but beginners often overlook it. The sound should not be too thin or too harsh, but it should also not be silenced. Try out many instruments with various brands and adjust the string tension if needed. The bow should be smooth and even motion. Remember that the violin doesn’t make a noise like other instruments when you play it, so playing loud will not produce any sound.


While the violin is a very durable instrument, sometimes there are manufacturing defects that cause problems. These problems vary from broken strings to cracks and warping in the wood. You should always get warranty coverage if you can, or at least some sort of reimbursement to fix it yourself.


A new, top-of-the-line violin will greatly exceed the $1,000 mark, while you can easily find it for under $100. The one you choose should depend on what type of quality you prefer and your skill level. Also, it’s recommended that you get a used violin even if it’s old because it will still work better than a new one.

Essential Accessories For a Beginner Violinist

Essential Accessories For a Beginner Violinist
Essential Accessories list for a beginner violinist

If you are a beginner violin player, the best way to get started is with an affordable kit that includes everything you need to start playing. One of the most important accessories you will need is a good case.


A good quality violin bow is one important accessory you should include in your violin accessories kit. Many violin players consider the bow the most important piece of their kit.


The next important accessory you need for your violin is a good set of strings. A broken set of strings can be a disaster for any violin player, so it’s best to invest in a quality string that will last long. Choosing a string that suits your playing style and technique is also important.

Shoulder rest

Even though a good case will protect your instrument, it won’t do much for you if your shoulder or elbow gets sore or strained. For this reason, investing in a good quality shoulder rest is important.

Chin rest

Another important accessory you need for your violin is a good quality chin rest. It will help you hold the violin properly when playing.


The next important accessory and most expensive part of your violin is the fingerboard. The fingerboard is the wood used to play the strings on your violin. It comes in different shapes and sizes depending on what type of violin you are playing, but most beginner violin players use a 4/4 size fingerboard roughly 3/4 inch thick.


A good quality case is another important accessory you need for your violin. Cases protect your violin and keep it safe and secure when not in use. Cases come in different styles and shapes, so choosing one that suits your preferences is best.


The final and most important accessory you need to keep your violin in good shape is rosin. Rosin is a sticky substance used to polish the bow hair, which helps make it smoother and easier to grip. It also protects the strings of your violin by reducing friction during practice sessions or actual performance.


Another important accessory you need for your violin is a good quality tailpiece. The tailpiece is the piece of wood that holds your violin strings in place in the center of the instrument. It is usually made out of ebony or rosewood.


A bridge is another important part of your violin and an essential accessory for all beginner violin players. The bridge holds the strings in place and can also help control how much sound your instrument produces.


The next part of your violin you need to consider is a scroll. The scroll is the piece of wood that holds the fingerboard and violin strings in place. It can be made from several different materials and, depending on how they are constructed, can affect your sound.

Which Violin Is Suitable For Beginners: Acoustic Vs. Electric?

The acoustic violin is a type of violin that has no amplification capabilities and is played in an acoustic through pins tied to the bridge. Beginning students often use it as their first instrument. In contrast, the electric violin uses electric pickups attached to a bridge and a soundboard. Strings are changed at intervals by lifting or loosening them rather than finger bowing on strings. 

With this tuning style, you can play electric violins with minimal adjustment from one note to another. Also, the electric violin does not require a tuner; it is connected to an amplifier. Both types of violins are generally quite cheap and readily available, with the acoustic violin being less expensive because it is produced in large quantities. It isn’t clear for a beginner to choose between these two types of instruments. But a beginner should use an acoustic violin.

Acoustic ViolinElectric Violin
Has no Amplification capabilitiesHas Amplification capabilities
      Better for the  Beginning studentsNot good for the  Beginning of the learning 
Played through  acoustic pins tied to the bridgeElectric violin played electric pickups attached to a bridge and a soundboard.
Acoustics  violin required  a tunerIt does not require a tune and is connected with  an amplifier
Less expensiveA bit more expensive than acoustics one 

How To Care For The Violin For Long-Term Usage?

You must remember that they are investments and will last a long time if they are properly taken care of. Not only will your beautiful violins last longer but playing them each day will make the musician in you happy.

  • Do not use wax on the violin because it will cause it to shrink when it dries and make your instrument look bad over time.
  • If the tarnish is on the fingerboard, do not wash it with a cloth or wipe it off. Otherwise, it leaves marks on your fingerboard later on.
  • When you are playing, you need the instrument to vibrate freely.
  • Keep your violin in good condition by wiping it down with a soft cloth and ensuring there isn’t any dirt on it.
  • If there is dirt on your violin, don’t use strong washcloths. Because they may shrink the material of your violin, causing cracks in the instrument and water damage.
  • When you are not using the instrument, make sure that the pegs are safely put in.
  • You can use a humidifier to measure the humidity of your violin.
  • When you leave it in a case, make sure that you do not put any other instruments into it and close your violin case properly.
  • If your violin gets wet, let it dry naturally or use a blow dryer to speed up the process.
  • Never use a hair dryer, as it will cause damage to your beautiful violin over time.
  • Always store your instrument the right way.

Some Common Mistakes Made When Buying A Beginner Violin

If you’re considering purchasing a violin for the first time, or if you need to replace an old beginner model, keep in mind what not to do. The following is a rundown of common mistakes when buying a violin.

Not Warming Up

Violins must be warmed up before each practice session before strumming any rhythms. The neck should work for about fifteen minutes and the bridge area for another fifteen minutes. It will help the instrument adjust to your body and prepare it for playing.

Incorrect Posture

Poor posture is an all too common problem amongst beginner violin players. The violin is a stringed instrument that must play while standing. The violinist should keep his body properly aligned, with the usual shoulder-width distance from the instrument, a straight back, neck, and chin tucked in towards the chest.

Elbow Room

Violinists should keep adequate space between their upper arm and the violin, just below the scroll. An indentation holds the instrument in the left side of the body called an ‘f-hole. Violinists tend to play closer than necessary to this f-hole, putting undue stress on the neck and damaging their posture.

Bow Problems

A bow should be pulled across the strings with steady, calm, and even pressure. Twisting the bow, or pressing it down too hard, will cause an unsteady, scratchy sound. While practicing, keep your wrist open so you can always see your hand position. If the bow hand moves while the fingers are plucking or bowing, the tone will not be in tune.

Poor Intonation

When a violinist plays a note flat or sharp of its proper pitch, it is called intonation. Playing an out-of-tune note makes it difficult for other players to join you during group rehearsals or concerts.

Not Taking Breaks

Violinists should avoid playing a piece while cold or when not warmed up. It can lead to a strain on the instrument and cause unnecessary wear and tear on the bow. Playing your violin while tired can also cause unsteady notes and poor tone.

Ignoring Technical Issues

Violinists should seek out good teachers and attend frequent workshops to learn more about techniques. There are several different bowing styles and plucking, and a good teacher can help find a technique that works for the student’s body. A violinist equipped with proper knowledge of technique will play with a better tone and strengthen their skills.

Buying Poor Quality Strings

Strings usually have a recommended lifespan of around six months. Buying cheap and low-quality strings is a waste of money and time since they break down faster than the violin.

How To Choose The Best Violin For A Beginner Player?

Choosing the best violin for a beginner player is not easy, given the variety of violins available in the market. If you have just started your violin lessons and are looking to buy a new one, ensure you are in the right position and use the violin perfectly.

New violins should fulfill the requirements of a beginner player, be durable, and be able to play easily. They should be the right size, so your limbs can rest when playing the violin. As far as violins come in harmony and balance, the instrument’s name will be easy to remember. You should be careful about the body, bow, and strings before choosing a violin for you.


How Long Does It Take To Learn The Violin?

It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the student’s experience level and dedication. If you ask me the time, it will take 2 to 5 years to be a professional violinist.

Can You Learn The Violin By Yourself?

Learning an instrument on your own is a relatively simple thing to do. If you would like, you can learn the violin alone. Holding the bow, positioning your fingers on a violin string, and adopting the proper posture are just a few things required. You can also follow everything on online platforms.

How Do Beginner Violinists Learn?

There are a few different ways that beginner violinists can learn. One way is to take lessons from an experienced violinist. Then you should need to listen to music and practice by yourself. Another way is to use online resources like YouTube or websites.

What Are The Best Violin Brands?

A lot of good brands are available in the market. Among them, Mendini Violins, Kennedy, Yamaha, Knilling, D Z Strad, Eastman, and more are the best brands for you.

What Are the Best Beginner Violins?

Cecilio CVN-200 Solid Wood Violin, Kennedy Bunnel Premier 4/4 Violin, Cecilio CVN-300 Solidwood Violin, Forenza Uno Series Violin, Stentor 1018 Standard Violin, and more are popular as the best violin for beginners.

Final Thought

There are lots of different styles and brands of violins. So it’s hard to say which one is the best violin for beginner players. But I’ve made it easy for you by choosing the best items. 

When you ask me the best violin among them, I will suggest the Kennedy Bunnel Premier 4/4 Violin because of its good sound quality.
If you ask me for an alternative option, I will tell you to consider Cecilio CVN-300 Solidwood Violin because of its friendly budget and good quality. Happy playing!

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