Is violin a band instrument? Lets find out why it is

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The violin is one of the most famous band instruments. There isn’t a band you can find performing without the iconic presence of the violin. But what is it that makes it the best band instrument? Is violin a band instrument? And why it is the best band instrument to learn?

Violin is a classical band instrument because it is capable of producing various melodies. That makes it ideal for the production of many genres of music but now it’s becoming a part of the modern band because of its unique tone and mood. it’s standing in most orchestras and bands because Violins have the highest-pitched among the string instruments family

What are the Typical Band Instruments?

Is violin a band instrument?

Bands are one of the most diverse music groups in the instruments they use to produce their music. But what is it that makes their instruments band instruments? What can someone use to distinguish them from any other instruments?

While most non-musical inclined people know the violin to be a band instrument, they know little of the other instruments. Below are the most common band instruments. These are the must-have instruments for any music band worth it’s salt.

  • Violin
  • Drums
  • Lead Guitar
  • Electric Guitar
  • Saxophone
  • Piano
  • Electric Keyboard
  • Flute

The above instruments might vary depending on the type of band, but they are the most common for most bands. Of all these instruments, most people think of the violin as the queen.

The violin is the lead instrument in an orchestra. And you can find the orchestra in most classical music bands. That’s what makes some people consider the violin the queen of band instruments.

But is that the only reason why people would call it the queen? No. the violin produces incredible melodies that are hard to match with other stringed instruments. If you play it well, the violin will make sounds no other instrument can.

That’s why it’s an integral part of band instruments because it has the potential to make the band unique. Well, violins aren’t your average string instrument that can only play such form a sheet.

Why the Violin is the Best Band Instrument

Why the Violin is the Best Band Instrument?

Ever bothered to count the number of violins in an orchestra line-up? You find that most orchestras have over twenty violins in their ensemble. But what is it that makes them have so many violins?

They are the Best for Melody

The violin is the highest of the stringed instruments, making the melodies harder to match than other instruments. Therefore, it is easier to improvise with a violin because of the different tunes you can get from it.

Those melodies can elevate any mundane musical performance to a unique rendition as they will stand out from the sounds from the other stringed instruments.

The harmonics and tunes play well to the human emotions. The emotional connection the audience draws from listening to someone playing the violin is something else that makes the violin unique.

The Entry Barrier Is Too High

Becoming a violinist isn’t easy, more so if you dream of becoming an accomplished violinist. The entry barrier to the expert playing of the violin is so high that only the best can enter the field.

That’s part of what makes the violin such an excellent band instrument- because only the best learn how to use it.

The violin, unlike woodwinds, needs a bow for you to play it, which means you will use all your hands to ensure you are producing sounds worth listening to. That is why it isn’t a surprise to see that completion rates for violin classes are usually low.

Few people are patient enough to grasp all the nuances of playing the violin.

You Can Express Your Music in Many Ways

Another thing because most people deem the violin specialist because of the unlimited ways a player can express themselves. That’s thanks to it being a stringed instrument with the highest pitch. You can thus play it with different results. The violin has multiple ways to play it, and no one player can play it like someone else.

They Have Impressive Vocal Quality Features

A violin can produce some of the highest quality of sound, thanks to its impressive features. The closer the tone is to a human voice, the better the musical performance. Therefore, violins are widely revered band instruments.

Do All Big Bands Have Violins?

The violin being in the instrument group of stringed instruments has revolutionized how current bands played their music. Therefore, it’s more common to see most big bands with violins but it mostly depends on what type of music genre are they playing.

This was not always the case for most bands since people then didn’t see the violin as a big part of the music process. However, the violin is now becoming a modern instrument that most bands use.

The key to this change is the melodic tunes that you can’t find in any other instrument. The violin will help entrench musicality if you are playing with a band.

The Best Band Instruments to Use with a Violin

You can use the violin with so many other instruments to get that sound that enthuses audiences. Although the combination will often depend on the band’s ability or skill with other instruments, some go exceptionally well with a violin.

Violins are string instruments, and it would make more sense if you played them with other stringed instruments. But that doesn’t mean all stringed instruments would be in perfect harmony with a violin.

If you’re considering using the violin with other instruments, then the harp, woodwinds, double bass, and viola should be your first stops. Violas are good at producing gentle sounds that would easily complement the melodious tunes from the violin.

On the other hand, Woodwinds allow you to play either them or the violin is alternating dominates. You can decide to either allow them to dominate together or have a back-and-forth performance.

The Electric Violin and Traditional Classic Violins

Most people might claim that electric violins don’t produce the pure melodious harmonics familiar with classical violins. But is that the case? First, you need to understand that electric violins don’t come with a soundbox.

The soundbox is the part of the traditional violin that amplifies the sound when a player the strings. The electric violin sends these sounds to an external amplifier for the sound to transmit through space.

This fundamental difference makes critics of the electrical violin bold enough to claim its sound sounds fake. However, that’s not stopped the electrical violins from having a profound impact on the art of violin playing.

Electric violins have changed most people’s perception of classical violins because they allow someone to try out more contemporary genres. In the world of musical experimentation, most violinists prefer the electrical violin.

While it won’t offer the same purity of sound as the acoustic or traditional violin, the electric violin is here to stay. That’s why most people have given it a try.

Pop Bands and Lindsey Stirling Modern Touch to Violin Music

While it won’t be that far from the truth to say the playing of the violin has reasonably undergone some changes, never has that been profound than with modern pop bands. The musical revolution saw more musicians willing to experiment with classical music.

That has seen the rise of a more modern touch whereby most players fuse multiple styles to create a unique sound. A startling example is Lindsey Stirling, whose ability to blend contemporary dance styles with the violin has garnered her throes of fans.

She isn’t the only one to have given a modern touch to the classical playing of the violin. Multiple bands have also grown the violin music over time to come with fresh sounds.

While we cannot credit them with their effort, this might also be down to the violin itself, undergoing some changes. The modern violin has modifications that differ from the old-school violin, allowing the modern touch to be possible.

Final Thoughts

All we have discussed shows that the violin is pretty unique, and even time won’t dim its light. Thanks to the musical tunes players can coax, it will continue to be the best band instrument.

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